Tuesday, November 5, 2013

U's Turn

There is a country from every continent in this family of U: Uzbekistan in Asia, Uruguay in South America, United States of America in North America, Ukraine in Europe, and Uganda in Africa. There is also the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. I notice the absence of "United Kingdom" and look forward to Scotland, Ireland and England. I know I have personal stories about Uganda and the USA, but the others will be represented by that other source of story-weaving, imagination.

UZBEKISTAN: May your travels be problem free

What a beautiful flag she flies
the moon and twelve stars in a bright blue sky
the green land beneath, the Silk Road
edged in red for the threads that connect
Tashkent, Samarkand, people like me
ignorant of history, to the world's human
tapestry. While a sea shrinks, hearts
continue beating, and azure tiles and roofs
keep challenging the sun to destroy
this country of moon and stars, art and

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